Brothers and Sisters, Do NOT Live Your Truth

This week in our Matthew series, “Announcing the Kingdom”, we heard the story of Herod– the psycho pseudo-king who, upon hearing of the birth of the long awaited king, began a murderous campaign to protect his own power, for his own glory.  

The major takeaway from the story was the reminder that the bible is a story that is written primarily about Jesus, and furthermore, all of history, past, present, and future, is a continuation of the story about Him.  I remember the first time this connection was made for me when a history teacher, talking about the civil war, referred to the divine sovereignty that was behind every single bullet in that conflict.  My eyes, for the first time, were opened to the fact that the God of the bible is as much writing His story today as He was in the time of Moses, Noah, Jonah, etc.  This simple truth is mostly palatable to the average Christian, and something that we would all espouse.  But what happens when your sin nature and the brokenness of our world wants to tell a different story.

Consider the current cultural landscape.  We are constantly being inundated with our uniqueness, beauty, talents, and indispensable benefit to the world around us.  I can’t go shopping for my daughter without encountering graphic tee after graphic tee emblazoned with her own greatness and the charge to “follow your heart”.  Perhaps, you’ve heard this one:  You do you.  I’m gonna do me.  And the latest, just live your truth.  At every turn we hear that this is our story, and we control our own destiny.  Each of these concepts takes good things like beauty, truth, and the notion that the world needs changing, and removes Christ’s redemption.  

So while Jeremiah tells us that our hearts are deceitful above all else, and beyond help (Jer 17:9), the world fights back with the declaration that what you believe (in your heart) is right for you, must be so.  At its core, this notion is an existence in which we are our own gods who believe that our universe revolves around us.  At it’s heart, it produces people who will go to any length, including the ruthless slaughter of the helpless, in order to preserve our own glory.  

Reader, this is a simple encouragement to put off your Herod-like ways of self-glorification and living your own truth, and put on the joy and freedom of living in light of THE truth:  that Jesus Christ took on flesh that we might be rescued from our “truth”.  Rejoice in the knowledge that the story of the bible is NOT about us, but about the one who mightily saves.

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