Our Values

We exist to multiply disciples to the glory of God and for the good of Greer.

We think of our ministry being guided by plumb lines. These are 12 short, memorably sayings that aim to communicate our philosophy of ministry in a nutshell.  Hang around us any length of time and you’ll hear these quite a bit!

1. We put people, not events, on our calendars.

2. It’s not a question of if we’ve been called, but where.

3. God gathers us to send us.

4. The Gospel opens our hands and our homes.

5. No Christian is an island.

6. God’s people are a singing people.

7. God leads and transforms by His Spirit through His Word.

8. Christians serve with no expectation of return.

9. Those given mercy give mercy.

10. The local church is God’s rescue plan for the world.

11. We love our city with an eye to the nations.

12. The fuel of our ministry is prayer.