What are we reading?

Trevor, Pastor of Teaching & Vision

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Michael Kruger’s Christianity at the Crossroads. This book explores a tumultuous and formative era in church history, the 100s AD. It’s remarkable seeing the similarities between our time and theirs, in particular the struggles of the church in a society largely opposed to exclusive claims of Christ. It’s a joy to see the church being the church - praying, singing, reading the scriptures, discipling, caring for the needy - in much the same way we still do today. It’s a fascinating read.


I’m also enjoying this little book, The Walk. It’s a biography of a discipling relationship written by would-be singer-songwriter, Michael Card, many years later. As an undergraduate student, a college professor invited Card to follow him as he follows Christ. The story is beautiful, informative, inspiring, and challenging. Highly recommended.