member introduction form

This is the next step in the membership process for you. This confidential form will be sent to one of our pastors who will initiate a time to meet and interview you. This form helps expedite the process and gives the pastors a good sense of who you are in advance of the sit down meeting. Don’t feel intimidated by these questions; the purpose is simply to get to know you. Be as honest as possible. We’re grateful you are taking steps to joining what God is doing here at TCGS. Please note, this document is intended to help us get to know you and is not a formal commitment to membership.

Name *
Are you married? Single? Have you been previously married?
What was life like prior to following Jesus? How has your life changed since following him?
Have you been baptized as a believer by immersion? *
If yes, please provide the name of the church and pastor.
Are you a college student looking to have dual membership? *
Do you want to retain membership with your home church but become a provisional member of TCGS?
Finances, relationships, family, cohabitation, homosexuality, alcohol / drug abuse, church discipline, etc.
I would like to serve by: *
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